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About To Fall Among Vultures

Book Two of the Union Earth Privateers. The sequel to the bestselling VICK’S VULTURES.

Humanity has spent decades carefully establishing a quiet foothold in an uncaring galaxy brimming with hostile powers. That all unraveled six months ago when Captain Victoria Marin and her crew of Vultures stumbled into the center of a conflict between two of the galaxy’s three apex civilizations.

Eager to get off the intergalactic radar, the Vultures spent the last six months laying low, running routine salvage and recon missions for the Union Earth Government. The scavenged xenotech they and the other privateers ship back to Earth are crucial to securing humanity’s place among the stars.

But fate has other plans for the Vultures. When an alien Commander shows up on her doorstep offering Earth its first true defensive alliance, Vick has no choice but to pledge her crew of crafty privateers to their cause. Vick and her Vultures are drawn into a grudge almost a thousand years in the making, and survival for one race could mean extinction for the other.

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Recorded 10/3/2017

Learn about Scott’s writing process, the ideas that drive the Union Earth Privateers, and more from this Facebook Live Q&A.

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Praise for Vick's Vultures

Vick’s Vultures is the first book of the Union Earth Privateers Series and is available now through all major retailers in print, digital, and audio.

Scott Warren’s story puts us right in the middle of the danger, in a galaxy-spanning crisis that can only be solved by a no-nonsense hero like Victoria “Vick” Marin. Enjoy the ride!

Robert E Waters
Robert E Waters

Author of the Devil Dancers Military SF series

I was on board with Captain Victoria Marin and her multinational, multi-ethnic, multi personality type, mismatched crew from the first moment. Scott Warren gives us an uncommon premise, humans as technological inferiors to most of the galaxy, and follows the plausible consequences of that premise: from our race’s particularly human adaptation to that situation–becoming pirates and scavengers of technology while flying under the radar of the major civilizations–to the cultural and character traits that come to the surface in that event. It all comes together with a richly-imagined universe, three-dimensional characters, and a fast-moving plot to give the reader a novel that is as interesting to the lover of hard science fiction as it is exciting to the lover of adventure. Vicks Vultures is a scientifically creditable, swashbucklingly exciting tale from a talented emerging author. Read it . . . while I wait for his next book.

H. Paul Honsinger
H. Paul Honsinger

Author of the Man of War Military SF Series

Vick’s Vultures shines a light on the dirtier side of space. The crew of the Condor will pull you into this gritty space opera and open the doors to a new sci-fi universe.

Bob Salley
Bob Salley

Creator of Salvagers comic book series

A uniquely fun twist to the genre, Vick’s Vultures will both surprise and engross the reader as they follow this very different image of humanity’s role in a very crowded galaxy. Scott Warren is a most welcome addition to the Space Opera genre and community, and I’m looking forward to reading more from this talented new author and this universe in particular.

Evan Currie
Evan Currie

Author of the Odyssey One Military Science Fiction series

Vick's Vultures in the Media

Science Fiction Spotlight Radio

Military Science Fiction Author H. Paul Honsinger interviews Scott Warren about his upcoming sci-fi adventure, Vick’s Vultures.


Author Scott Warren

About the Author

Scott Warren got his start in writing while living in Washington during the summer of 2014 when he entered the world of speculative fiction by writing Sorcerous Crimes Division, followed shortly by Vick’s Vultures.

Mr. Warren blends aspects of classic military fantasy and science fiction with a modern, streamlined writing style to twist tired tropes into fresh ideas. He believes in injecting a healthy dose of adventure into the true-to-life grit and grime that marks the past decade of science fiction, while still embracing the ideas that made science fiction appeal to so many readers.

As a UAV Pilot, and former submariner, Scott draws on his military and aviation experiences to bring authenticity to his writing while keeping it accessible to all readers. Scott is also an artist, contributing his skills to board games, role playing games, and his own personal aerial photography galleries.

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