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It takes a lot more than a good story to bring a book to market. Parvus Press is looking for the best freelancers in the industry to join us in publishing the next generation of great Fantasy and Science Fiction. Read on to learn what makes us different.

Why Parvus?

Flexible Earnings

Parvus offers both flat-fee contracts and hybrid contracts with a royalty component, allowing you the standard up-front payments you are accustomed to or giving you the ability to share in the profits of books that you have helped succeed.

The Ultimate Freelance Environment

Whether you want to specialize in only one type of MS, no matter how niche, or whether you’ll work on all comers, we’ll find the best manuscript for your talents. Tell us what you do best, and we’ll give you the opportunity. 


We’re serious about what we produce, and we’re committed to assembling the best team of professionals who share our vision of producing great books. From cover to cover, word by word, you can be assured that Parvus Press stands behind your hard work.

We are currently seeking acquiring editors only. Read below for details.

Introducing the Acquiring Editor Program

Are you a freelance editor whose client has presented you a novel that you think is perfect for Parvus? Talk to us about becoming an Acquiring Editor. Your clients can jump to the front of the submissions queue and you can earn a $400 referral fee for introducing us to the manuscript!


Full Disclosure

You must disclose the fact that you will receive a referral fee from Parvus to your client PRIOR to our receiving their submission. Further, you may not imply to your clients that working with you will increase their chances of publication with Parvus and you may not charge a premium related to client submissions to Parvus.

In short: Be up front and honest with your clients.

Author Must Submit

Your client must submit their own manuscript via our standard submission process and must inform us that they were referred by you in their query or cover letter. When their submission is received, we’ll reach out to you to confirm and then jump them to the head of the queue.

Publisher Pays the Bounty

The referral fee is paid by Parvus directly to the editor as an acquisition bonus. It is not paid by the author, does not impact the author’s advance, and is not related to their royalty structure.

No Promise of Contract

The referral fee is not a promise of a contract to you to perform further editing services on the manuscript. Parvus will assign the editor of our choice to work with the author on the manuscript if we choose to acquire publication rights.

Only available to Freelance Editors

The referral fee is only available to freelance editors and is intended to help us improve the quality of our submissions as well as get to better know the freelance editing community.

Next Steps

So you’ve read the guidelines and you think you’re interested? Reach out to John and provide a sampling of past clients’ published work (self-published is perfectly fine) as well as any other credentials you think may be of interest to us (such as a C.V.). From there, we’ll have a conversation about the program and you can learn more about the kind of titles we’re looking for.

We’re looking for long-term partners, not just blind referrals.

Email John today: john@parvuspress.com