An Update on Blind Submissions

Last month, we announced that we were implementing optional blind submissions for our upcoming anthology, IF THIS GOES ON and there have been some questions about this decision and the process [...]


Introducing Nathan Sumsion

“How do you solve a murder in the city of the dead?” The opening line of Nathan Sumsion’s query to Parvus, combined with the brilliant title “Necropolis PD”, all-but [...]


Announcing: Christopher Ruz

Today, I am proud to announce that Parvus will be publishing the Century of Sand trilogy by Christopher Ruz. A little under two years ago, we announced that Parvus was open for submissions on [...]


Why I love Court of Twilight

My favorite part of being a publisher is all of the parts. I mean, I get to read books before anyone else on the planet, I get to select incredibly talented artists to design covers for those [...]


Union Earth Privateers Sells 10,000 Copies

When we started Parvus back in January 2016, I set a few goals for our first releases. These were checkpoints to tell me that Parvus was on the right track and that we were learning what we [...]


Why I Love To Fall Among Vultures

One of the best things about being a publisher is that I get to find books that I love and then… publish them! We here at Parvus are a small operation, so there isn’t a book that we [...]


Become One With the Hive Mind!

Howdy, Parvus People! We have a BIG year planned for all of you in 2018 with some titles that we are incredibly proud of on the schedule. From fantasy to scifi, our first YA, and an anthology [...]


Parvus Adds to Editorial Team

I think it’s time we address the elephant in the room. Parvus has been sorely lacking in one highly noticeable area since our launch. Just look at our “About Us” page and [...]


2017 Publisher’s Update

Good morning, Parvus People! It has been an incredibly busy year for us and I’m happy to be able to pop the lid off of some things we’ve been keeping quite for a while now. But first, [...]


November Publisher’s Update

Good Morning, Parvus People! To those of you who’ve chosen to sacrifice your sanity for the month, best of luck with NaNoWriMo. Grind away and don’t forget that December is FiYoShiMo [...]

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