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Cat Rambo


8 February 2018 | 9p East

Author of BEASTS OF TABAT and editor Cat Rambo joins us for a livestream on short fiction and editing. Rambo is the editor of IF THIS GOES ON, forthcoming this fall. In this anthology, two dozen of today’s most visionary writers project us forward to the world of the future; a world shaped by nationalism, isolationism, and a growing divide between the haves and have nots. This anthology sits at the intersection of politics, speculative fiction, and American identity. Rambo is a Nebula, Endeavour, and World Fantasy award nominee.

Past Episodes

R J Theodore and Karen Osborne

Episode 3 (The most awkward start yet)

Join R J Theodore and Karen Osborne as they talk about their publishing journeys, the craft of writing, and the merits of various regional crustaceans. R J Theodore ‘s debut novel, FLOTSAM, is being released by Parvus in March of 2018. Karen Osborne recently made her professional debut on Escape Pod and is a graduate of Clarion and Viable Paradise.

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Mareth Griffith

Episode 2 (Another awkward start)

Mareth Griffith is the author  of COURT OF TWILIGHT, a hidden-world urban fantasy set in modern Dublin. She is also an adventurer, wilderness guide, and one of the most interesting women you will ever meet.

Scott Warren

Episode 1 (Ignore the awkward start)

Scott Warren is the author of the UNION EARTH PRIVATEERS series and was Parvus’ debut author. In addition to military science fiction, Scott is working on two fantasy series.

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