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Court of Twilight

By Mareth Griffith

Six months ago, Ivy stumbled into the deal of a lifetime – great rent in a posh Dublin neighborhood and a flatmate, Demi, who was only a little weird. It didn’t matter that their flat is packed with exotic plants or that her flatmate does all her shopping on-line but refuses to meet the delivery man at the door?

Now, though, Demi’s gone missing, there are strange men hiding in the flower boxes, and a lot of strangers have suddenly taken interest in the whereabouts of her peculiar flatmate. When the police won’t help, Ivy knows she’s going to have to solve this mystery on her own.

Ivy dives headfirst into a secret Dublin, hidden in plain sight, and discovers that the longer she stays in, the more she risks losing the world she always knew. Can she save Demi without losing herself?

Praise for Court of Twilight

  • Blending contemporary life with ancient mythology, Court of Twilight is an inventive fantasy novel set in modern-day Dublin. The book follows 20-year-old Ivy, newly unemployed, as she searches for her flatmate. Along the way she relearns everything she thought she knew about fairytales. The success of Court of Twilight hinges on the characterisation of Ivy. Thankfully, she is convincing and extremely relatable. She is doggedly determined, and takes everyday and otherworldly challenges in her stride. Everything about this felt new and imaginative—the concept of the novel as a whole, the kind of threats faced by the characters, the concept of the fantastical elements. I never knew where it was going and I'm desperate for the sequel so that my questions can be answered.

    Anouska Goodreads review
  • I really enjoyed this book! It was suspenseful, with some intricately woven plot details and great surprises. Thoroughly unnerving at moments, with enough unexamined creepiness that you don't feel like the whole thing has been wrapped up in a bow and handed to you. I have been thinking of this as urban fantasy but it's not really that easy to categorize, and I like that. There were plenty of places where Griffith could have made the plot simpler, and this would have been a different kind of book -- still entertaining, but not nearly as original. Looking forward to the follow-up!

    Amanda Goodreads review
  • Wow, lately I've been falling deeper and deeper in love with fairies and all fantasy creatures and so this book totally won my heart. The world-building was fantastic.

    Lili Marcus
    Lili Marcus Goodreads review
  • This book was so fun to read, I couldn't put it down! It was an intriguing blend of modern and past times. Great descriptions of character and place too, I vividly recall the movie playing through my head. Just enough suspense and plot twists to keep me turning the page instead of going to bed. I loved it and highly recommend it!

    Adelia Amazon review
  • A slower-paced fantasy story that clings tightly to its real-world setting, even after things start to get strange... Wonderfully varied motivations for all of the characters.

    Winter Bird Amazon review

About the Author

Mareth Griffith bounces between summers along the Alaskan coast and winters in various warmer locations. She lives in Seward, Alaska, and continually tells people that the winters there aren’t as bad as people think.

When she’s not writing, she works as a naturalist and wilderness guide, leading adventurous souls on epic quests to seek out glaciers, bears, and whales in the wilds of coastal Alaska. She’s also lived and worked in Scotland, New Zealand, and Northern Ireland – where her nearest neighbors included two thousand puffins and the ghost of a spectral black horse.

Originally from West Virginia, Mareth attended Smith College in Massachusetts, and the University of Glasgow in Scotland, studying music and theatre. Prior to moving to Alaska, she worked as an audio technician for several east coast theater companies, eventually discovering that while she loved working in theatre, she didn’t love living in cities.

Mareth plays classical violin well and rhythm guitar badly, and her writing has previously been featured in the Redoubt Reporter, Alaska Magazine, and Pen the Kenai, an essay exhibit documenting life on Alaska’s Kenai coast.

Follow Mareth on Social Media:  @MagpieMareth

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