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Union Earth Privateers Sells 10,000 Copies

When we started Parvus back in January 2016, I set a few goals for our first releases. These were checkpoints to tell me that Parvus was on the right track and that we were learning what we needed to be successful in this publishing venture. I kept those goals within the company. They were in the hundreds of copies sold.

We got a few things right early on, but the biggest thing we got right was selecting Scott Warren’s Vick’s Vultures to be our debut title. When we made smart marketing choices, readers loved Vick’s Vultures and the book sold. When we made stupid marketing choices, readers loved Vick’s Vultures and the book sold. When we made absolute bone-head marketing choices that were the equivalent of lighting a pile of money on fire, dancing around it, and calling upon the spirit world to drive sales… readers loved Vick’s Vultures (and To Fall Among Vultures) and the books sold.

Scott’s first book exceeded my expectations in its first quarter and blew past my stretch goals in its first six months. To Fall Among Vultures has exceeded our wildest expectations inside of its first month of release.

I am proud today to announce that the Union Earth Privateers series has sold 10,000 copies. TEN THOUSAND copies. And there are no signs of stopping.

Congratulations, Scott Warren, and thank you for trusting us with your books. We can’t wait to see what adventures you and the Vultures take us on next.

Ten thousand copies.


Thanks, also, to all the readers who have discovered Scott’s amazing series and made this possible.

  • Colin

(PS – If you haven’t read The Union Earth Privateers yet and you want some of the best military science fiction around, head on over and start with either Vick’s Vultures or To Fall Among Vultures Both books stand on their own, though I recommend reading them in order)

November Publisher’s Update

Good Morning, Parvus People!

To those of you who’ve chosen to sacrifice your sanity for the month, best of luck with NaNoWriMo. Grind away and don’t forget that December is FiYoShiMo (Finish Your Shit Month) over at the blog of our Managing Editor, John Adamus. John runs a series of blog posts aimed at helping you keep in mind that dumping words onto the page is awesome, but you still need to spend some time editing before they become a book. Check it out at:

I’m here today to toot our own horn a little bit. VICK’S VULTURES by the incredibly talented Scott Warren was released on October 4, so our first month of sales is behind us and I couldn’t be more proud of how the book is selling. Scott’s written a terrific book and we’re all glad it’s finding the audience it deserves. Thank you to all of the readers who’ve picked up the book and especially to those who’ve taken the time to review it on Amazon, Good Reads, Audible, and elsewhere. Double special thank you to all those who are recommending VICK’S VULTURES to your friends. We love all of our readers equally but we love you recommenders most equally.

The cover art to VICK’S VULTURES has been getting a lot of attention, and we understand why; it’s gorgeous. The artist, for those interested, is Tom Edwards. Tom’s an independent cover artist from the UK and if you’re publishing SciFi, you should be looking at his art:

Editing is under way on our second novel, COURT OF TWILIGHT by Mareth Griffith. If contemporary fantasy is your thing, you’re going to love this contemporary fantasy set in a hidden-world Dublin. Lovely Creatures Studio ( has put together a beautiful cover for us and we wish we didn’t have to wait to show it to you, but we do. Look for a cover art reveal this winter as we get closer to a release date.

We are still open for submissions! Parvus intended a cautious start with three acquisitions in 2016 and we are looking to expand our catalog by picking up the rights to five or six new novels in 2017. If you’ve written a great bit of speculative fiction, we want to buy it! See our submission guidelines at:

That’s all for November’s update. If you haven’t yet bought your copy of Vick’s Vultures, here are your links: (Print | Digital | Audio).

Thanks for being a Parvus reader,

  • Colin

P.S. I MAY have a few Audible download codes to giveaway for VICK’S VULTURES if you email me at, ask nicely, and promise to give a rating after you’re done.