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Meet Parvus Press

Parvus Press LLC was founded in 2016 by two lifelong friends, Colin Coyle and Eric Ryles. John Adamus joined us shortly thereafter as Managing Editor.

We are a publisher of speculative fiction, passionate about great stories, and committed to publishing the next generation of great creative minds. Parvus has sold over 10,000 copies of our titles to date and will release four novels and one amazing anthology of short fiction in 2018 for your reading pleasure. We are headquartered in Northern Virginia and look forward to meeting you all soon!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To publish books so good you won’t put them down for dinner. We want you to have a miserable day at work because you couldn’t stop reading a Parvus title to go to bed. We want you to throw one of our books against a wall in anger because you care about the characters in them so much. We want you to follow your best friend around asking “Did you finish it yet? Did you finish it yet?” because you can’t wait to talk about a Parvus title with your Book Bestie.

We want to publish the work of great storytellers and take our readers to wonderful new worlds.


We’re committed to building a sustainable, ethical business. That includes silly concepts such as:

  • Fair pay for honest effort
  • Supporting the communities in which we work
  • Being responsible stewards of our planet

If you have any questions or concerns about a Parvus employee or contractor, you may contact the publisher directly: colin@parvuspress.com

  • Colin Coyle
    Colin Coyle Publisher and President

    Colin is a technologist with an education in theater, a more comprehensive but less interesting education in business, and a background in enterprise network design who turned to the dark side of sales and marketing.

    He fell in love with genre fiction when he discovered Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain Chronicles in elementary school and spent every available minute between then and the introduction of the internet in the library’s fantasy & science fiction section.

    Colin is a family man, has been freeform roleplaying on IRC for far too long, and spends his weekends making sawdust.

  • Eric Ryles
    Eric Ryles Co-Founder

    Eric is a business leader specializing in web-based content, digital publishing, and marketing.

    He certainly does not hold some kind of record for most readings of “Ender’s Game”, and you can’t prove that he compiled a page-by-page index and theory chart for the “Wheel of Time” either.

    Eric is a family man who thinks video games should have just stopped after Civilization II and Final Fantasy IV, and has one sheep and a brick for your two ore.

  • John Adamus
    John Adamus Executive Editor (and Invaluable Asset)

    John Adamus has been a professional editor since 1997. After a hefty round of academics all over New Jersey and a hand at speechwriting, playwriting and screenwriting, he began to work with new authors in YA and fantasy in 2000. He later branched out into science fiction, historical fiction, academic non-fiction, cookbooks, role-playing games, and self-improvement. He has worked with New York Times best-selling authors and Hugo award winners, as well television executives on a variety of projects. He does a lot.

    John is committed to helping writers produce their work through easy to understand instruction and practical habits. He blogs regularly at http://www.writernextdoor.com and tweets about a variety of topics at @awesome_john.

  • Kaelyn Considine
    Kaelyn Considine Acquisitions Editor

    Kaelyn lives in New York City, much to the annoyance of its inhabitants. She is a student of military and American history with a masters degree to prove it and no less than two coups to show she’s more than just book smart. Kaelyn also has a practical degree in the Dark Arts of Finance. Her hobbies include ranting about plot holes in movies and attempting to curse rival sports teams.

    Kaelyn has several house plants she is very fond of and when not working or reading, she can be found walking New York on her never-ending quest to try every slice of pizza in the city.

  • Jae Steinbacher
    Jae Steinbacher Marketing & Public Relations

    Jae is a writer, editor, and worldbuilder living in Raleigh, North Carolina. They honed their craft at the Clarion West Writers Workshop and at North Carolina State University, where they earned an MFA in fiction. Jae now serves as the Clarion West Workshop Administrator.

    Jae has been escaping into books and visual storytelling for as long as they could read. When they’re not turning pages, Jae can be found at SFF conventions, traveling, or playing sad indie covers. Their favorite Pokémon is Flareon even though they are a water/air type.

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