November 2017 – Parvus Press

Introducing Nathan Sumsion

“How do you solve a murder in the city of the dead?”

The opening line of Nathan Sumsion’s query to Parvus, combined with the brilliant title “Necropolis PD”, all-but sold us on his book by itself. That line is packed with conflict, setting, and intrigue and it had us breathless while reading the manuscript. You see, there’s something a lot of writers don’t know about editors – it’s that we want to fall in love with every book we read. We want every manuscript to live up to a killer query. Every brilliant first chapter has us turning the page to chapter two with our fingers crossed hoping that each page is as good as the last.

NECROPOLIS PD is just that sort of book. And it delivers in spades. This hidden-world fantasy follows Jacob Green, the only living person trapped in a city where everyone is dead. The Necropolis is stitched together from the forgotten places of our world; houses, shops, or whole city blocks that have slipped through the cracks in our reality. Every day is a challenge for Jacob to stay alive. When the city’s undead residents forcibly draft him into their police force, he has to prove his value so that they will keep him around. He is faced with solving a crime unheard of in their history. Someone, or something, is killing those who have already defeated death. And if he can’t figure out who is responsible, he may soon be the next victim.

The fact that the book is so richly imagined and carefully plotted should come as no surprise, given that Nathan has been designing video games professionally for the last eighteen years. Nathan has worked for companies such as KingsIsle, Disney, and Crytek. We are fortunate to add his name to the growing roster of Parvus authors.

Be on the lookout for NECROPOLIS PD late next year from Parvus Press. If you’d like an advance look at this amazing new urban fantasy, consider joining our street team and becoming one with the Parvus Hive Mind! All other juicy humans should keep their eyes here on our website for offers of Advance Reader Copies and giveaways next summer.

Welcome aboard, Nathan!

Announcing: Christopher Ruz

Today, I am proud to announce that Parvus will be publishing the Century of Sand trilogy by Christopher Ruz.

A little under two years ago, we announced that Parvus was open for submissions on Reddit and that we would consider previously self-published works, but that the bar would be high. One of those books which we received was Century of Sand by Christopher Ruz. It was a grim tale of a father rescuing the daughter he had given up in her infancy, and the struggles they endure to get out from under the reach of the mage who held her captive for so long. Ruz clearly had talent. He established a consistent tone early on in the book and the mystery around his characters, their pasts, and the motivations that brought them to the point where we joined them in the story were compelling.

At the time, the promise in the manuscript was clear, but the Parvus team was new and there were some challenges in the book that we didn’t quite feel we were ready to take on. It was almost a decade old and Ruz was a young writer when he had self-published Century of Sand. He had also released a sequel and had the third in the works. A series that was 2/3 complete was more than we were interested in taking on for an early project.

Fast forward to today. Ruz had kept in touch with us over the intervening time and we followed his other releases. It just so happened that he was querying a new novel at the same time that we were expanding our editorial team and looking to add a new series to our schedule. I asked Chris if he was still interested in re-launching Century and within about a month, we had a signed deal on all three books.

I’d been hoping, since the day I read those first pages of Century of Sand, that we’d end up working together and I’m glad things have worked out the way they did. More importantly, I know our readers are going to love this taut story that’s full of magic, action, and raw emotion. Look for Century of Sand in early 2019.

Get to know Christopher Ruz over at: or

Read the Press Release here: 2017-11-06 Century of Sand Press Release