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Why I Love To Fall Among Vultures

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One of the best things about being a publisher is that I get to find books that I love and then… publish them! We here at Parvus are a small operation, so there isn’t a book that we release that isn’t one that I personally finished, said, “I loved that book”, and then got to work on. I want to take a few minutes and talk about what I loved about our new military SF title, TO FALL AMONG VULTURES by Scott Warren.

But before we dig in, here’s the premise of the book: Humanity made our way into the stars and found a crowded galaxy full of species far more advanced than we are. Quickly realizing that drawing attention to ourselves was going to end up with humanity crushed like cockroaches, we decided to stay on the fringes of intergalactic civilization. Rather than take on our neighbors with military might, Earth founded a privateer corps to follow behind the battles of advanced alien species and scavenge their wreckage for tech we could reverse engineer. In TO FALL AMONG VULTURES, Vick Marin, the Captain of the Privateer ship Condor, finally sees an opportunity to cement a trading and military alliance for humanity and grant some security to our species. But to win that alliance, she’s going to have to choose sides in a war that ultimately means extinction for the loser.

TO FALL AMONG VULTURES is the second book of Scott Warren’s Union Earth Privateers series (Though it stands on its own as a self-contained story). Like its older brother, VICK’S VULTURES, this is a tight novel. At 270 pages, it’s a book you can knock through in an evening or on a rainy Saturday. But it never feels rushed. Scott gives you just enough detail to know that you are in a richly imagined world full of complex relationships and politics, but without diving into the weeds with naval-gazing side plots. The book moves at a good clip with a healthy balance of action and character development throughout.

Like the best military SF novels, it shows our heroes wrestling with what’s right and wrong in the midst of the complex mess of war. There are no easy or clear answers to be had in the world of the Union Earth Privateers, which fits the gritty setting Scott has built for his characters. While this is a story of war between advanced alien species, political machinations on a galactic scale, and the survival of the human race; it is ultimately and most importantly the story of Vick Marin, her crew, and their struggle to uphold their honor while serving humanity as best they know how.

This book asks some big questions of its characters and sets the stage wonderfully for the future of the Union Earth Privateers series. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have. Share your reviews on your favorite retailer’s website or Goodreads and feel free to reach out directly and let me know how you liked TO FALL AMONG VULTURES. My email’s right in the back of the book.

Thanks, as always, for being Parvus People.

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