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Parvus Adds to Editorial Team

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I think it’s time we address the elephant in the room. Parvus has been sorely lacking in one highly noticeable area since our launch. Just look at our “About Us” page and it’s clear as day when you see our first three team members; Colin, Eric, and John. Staring everyone right in the face.

Not one of us has a background in history! Well, it’s about time we address that issue by adding to the team.

Welcome Kaelyn Considine! Kaelyn is joining us as an Acquisitions Editor and is going to be focused on building out a killer catalog for us in 2019 and beyond. Kaelyn has worked as an archivist and finance maven and has a serious level of education in military and American history. Woe be unto the submission that tries to shortcut some tactics – Kaelyn will know! She has particular passions for American and Irish history, so bring a notebook if you intend to get her started on either topic.

Kaelyn is based in New York City where she spends her time reading, ranting about plot holes in movies, attempting to curse rival sports teams, and walking the city in a never-ending quest to try every slice of pizza NYC has to offer.

We’re incredibly lucky to have Kaelyn bringing her expertise, passion, and squad combat tactics to our team.

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