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2017 Publisher’s Update

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Good morning, Parvus People!

It has been an incredibly busy year for us and I’m happy to be able to pop the lid off of some things we’ve been keeping quite for a while now. But first, a bit about our development over the last 18 months…

I view the publisher-author-reader relationship as a sort of triad. As a publisher, we make a promise to our authors to give their book the best we can in terms of editing, design, and promotion. At the same time, we make a promise to our readers that they’re getting a book they can trust with their rainy days, the relaxation time they have after the kids have surrendered to sleep, or their afternoon under an umbrella on the beach. Accordingly, we have been very careful in how we grow Parvus to avoid getting out over our skis or taking on more projects that we can reasonably handle. We want to be sure we can stand behind each promise, each book, that we put our badge on.

This plan brought you Scott Warren’s action-packed military SF hit VICK’S VULTURES last year. This Fall, we’re bringing you the sequel, TO FALL AMONG VULTURES, and you’re going to go nuts when you read it. I was already a fan of Scott’s writing from the first minutes I had with Vick’s last year but the story of the Vultures and of the universe Scott’s built in his Union Earth Privateers series grows by leaps and bounds in the follow-up. I can’t wait to hear what you think. TFAV will hit shelves on October 3 and should be available for pre-order next week, so keep an eye on our mailing list for updates.

We’ll also be introducing you, this October, to Mareth Griffith and her hidden world contemporary fantasy COURT OF TWILIGHT. Set in modern Dublin, Court explores themes of family and obligation while unwinding a centuries-old mystery involving murder, magic, and the fate of an entire people that you never knew were living right under your nose. It’s a wonderful story that unfolds to gradually pull you deeper into a hidden Dublin. And it just happens to be written by one of the most interesting women I’ve ever met. Mareth is a modern day adventurer, having traveled the world and lived rough in some of this planet’s most remote wilderness. Ask her to show you her bear pictures some time. She spends more time around bears than her editorial deadlines are quite comfortable with. You can get your hands on Court on October 17th; unless you’re a subscriber to our email list (Which, of course, you are). Subscribers got a download link in their inboxes this morning and can read it right away!

And today’s biggest announcement is regarding our upcoming Steampunk/First Contact/Fantasy/Space Opera gem FLOTSAM by R J Theodore. This difficult-to-define debut novel is one of the best new series I’ve read in years. It also happens to be the third book we’ve published with a strong female lead; so it’s starting to look like a pattern for us. If you like adventure, you’ll love this book. If you like airships, you’ll love this book. If you like a scrappy team of folks living on the fringe and just trying to get by but damnit they just keep getting pulled in to save the universe, yeah. You’ll love this book. And we loved it so much that we asked Mary Robinette Kowal (of Mary Robinette Kowal fame) to narrate it; and she said yes. So FLOTSAM will be coming to your earballs in January, via one of the most talented audiobook narrators around. If you want a chance to read the book early, I’d recommend subscribing to our email list.

We’ve also got a throwback quest-adventure novel coming to you next spring care of the incredibly talented James Falstrom, but you’ll have to wait just a bit longer for details there. I’m not going to mention again that our mailing list is the best way to stay informed, though it is. And we only send out emails when it’s important or we want to give you free books. So, here’s that link one last time: Sign up today!

Okay, I’ve taken enough of your time. Thank you all for being Parvus readers and for supporting us in this venture. It has been a wonderful year for all of us. The wellspring of support for independent publishing has been humbling. As always, you can feel free to reach out to me directly via email (colin@parvuspress.com) or engage with us on Twitter (twitter.com/ParvusPress). Reader engagement helps make our books better and makes it easier for us to fulfill our promise to you; delivering books you love.

On behalf of all of us at Parvus, thank you,

– Colin

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