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Parvus Press Acquires “Vick’s Vultures”

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Herndon, VA (March 30, 2016) – Parvus Press LLC today announced it has acquired world rights to Vick’s Vultures, by Scott Warren. This is Parvus’ first acquisition and Mr. Warren’s second novel and his first science fiction effort.

“Our mission is simple; find the next generation of great storytellers in genre fiction and bring their novels to new audiences,” stated Parvus publisher and co-founder Colin Coyle. “We believe that success should be shared by all; which includes the authors, editors, artists, and publishers that collaborate to turn great stories into great books.”

Parvus Co-founder Eric Ryles continues, “In the new landscape of publishing, with so many avenues for books to reach consumers, we provide the expertise necessary to allow authors to focus on their craft and produce their best efforts so that they can find the broadest possible audience.”

Regarding their acquisition of Scott Warren’s sophomore effort, Coyle remarked, “We’re incredibly excited to be in the Scott Warren business. Readers are going to love how adeptly Warren leads them toward the expected tropes of the genre, only to pull away at the last moment and drive the story in new and inventive directions. He delivers a thrilling adventure packed with characters they will love.”

Says Mr. Ryles, “When I read this for the first time, I kept thinking ‘Fury Road in Space? Yes please!’ and knew we had to publish it.”

Set in a crowded galaxy where humanity is well below the power curve, Vick’s Vultures is an interstellar adventure that follows Captain Victoria “Vick” Marin and her roughneck crew as they seek out advanced alien technology for salvage or ransom. But when she crosses paths with a prince of the galaxy’s most powerful ruling family, she must traverse hostile space to stay one step ahead of a fleet of ruthless hunters to return him to his home world. Back on Earth the powers-that-be have other plans, and as Victoria’s friendship with the prince grows, she must balance her sense of duty against her morals in a decision that could change the political landscape of the known galaxy.

Editor John Adamus commented, “It’s always exciting to work with an eager author on their manuscript, and Scott Warren is no exception. Vick’s Vultures is a novel of amazing scope and ambition, packed with the smart balance of excitement and detail found in the best science fiction today. I look forward to many more novels as Mr. Warren continues writing.”

Vick’s Vultures will be released by Parvus Press in Fall 2016.

About Scott Warren

Scott Warren is 26, and lives in Central Oregon where he splits his time between writing, aviation, and art. He served as a submariner in the US Navy and is a certified flight instructor. He is also the author of “The Sorcerous Crimes Division: Devilbone”. Follow him on Twitter: @ScottWarrenSCD

About Parvus Press

Parvus Press, founded in 2016 by lifelong friends Colin Coyle and Eric Ryles, is a Digital-First publisher of speculative fiction. They are passionate about great stories and committed to publishing the next generation of great creative minds. They are currently open for submissions, seeking previously unpublished fantasy and science fiction novels. Guidelines are available on their web site:

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