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Who is Parvus Press?

Readers First Readers First
Readers First

We publish speculative fiction because we love speculative fiction. Like you, we look to the stars and see the future. We see hidden worlds in every forest and stories around every corner. We’re readers, which is why we became publishers.

Commitment to Quality Commitment to Quality
Commitment to Quality

Some small presses churn out books as quickly as they can get them. Not Parvus. We take our time to make every book the best version of itself that we can. As a reader, you know that when you buy a Parvus book, you’re buying quality.

Our Goal is Simple Our Goal is Simple
Our Goal is Simple

…Total world domination through publishing fresh, exciting science fiction and fantasy. The kind of books that are so good you won’t put them down for dinner. Anything short of that just isn’t worth getting out of bed in the morning. Won’t you help us become benevolent overlords? Check out a Parvus book today.

We are Parvus Press We are Parvus Press
We are Parvus Press

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